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it doesn't matter if it doesnt please the creator the point is:
you made it and it was AWESOME!!!!!


Five Nights at Freddy's will NEVER be over (SFM) by gold94chica

I'm tearing up just looking at this animation. You have no idea how emotional everyone is right now. Many fnaf fans are whining about t...

Espios ninja skills wth amy by chibipunk7231

amazing artwork and details,also the lineart is very impressive!i dont know how you did it!the colors are spectacular!and the backroung...



Coolio by jadedacatl106
I really can't. It's the weekend and this is all I can provide until Monday and Friday.
 Well only one thing is gonna poop out on Monday and that's a certain thing I owe to a really good artist in an art trade. Friday is the usual biz. Idk what to tell ya. Yer all just gonna need to hang out. I would expect the summer to give me more time.

art(c) :iconjadedacatl106:


Artist | Student | Varied
Gender: Polygender
Sexuality: PanGreyasexual

He/Him/Her/She/They/Them, whatever makes you comfortable!.

I don't know.

Oh I have some little rules here .w.

•No rping smut or gore
•I happily rp with main accounts and well,any account.
•Do go all hater mode on me if I don't like a shipping or a character
•Please don't go crazy with the fangirling mode, I love to spaz out but we all need to have self-control
•If you are roleplaying with OC's tell who they are and what they look like.You can tell me the biography anytime.I understand how long that takes.
•Easy on the hashtagging when talking, I don't usually use them that ften
•You're always welcome to be mah buddy .w.
•If I write typos,don't rub it in my face please.

:heart: Y'ALL NEED TO FOLLOW :icononceanangel: M'KAY??? They are an amazing person!!! GO, GO APPRECIATE THEIR BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK :heart:

I don't know.

Overrated stamp by LigarththedragonTV Is Not A Crime Stamp by Toonfreak:MS Paint: by Minty-Hippo
Invader Zim stamp by pantheon9000Invader Zim Classic Stamp by Dibsthe1

I don't know.

That is all.
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I honestly have no idea what to say. Most deviants think that an amount of watcherslike this is far too small. You have no idea how big this number is to me.

  I know what 100 looks like in the amount. To see 100 people noticing what I do, what I share. It's amazing. Thank you, thanks so much. You all are precious to me.

  I don't know what you guys see in me. I'm just a dork with some doodles. So if you guys see just MORE than that. I might have a possible chance of going somewhere.

  I hope that I'll continue sharing with you all in the future.

  Thank You

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