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it doesn't matter if it doesnt please the creator the point is:
you made it and it was AWESOME!!!!!


Five Nights at Freddy's will NEVER be over (SFM) by gold94chica

I'm tearing up just looking at this animation. You have no idea how emotional everyone is right now. Many fnaf fans are whining about t...

Espios ninja skills wth amy by chibipunk7231

amazing artwork and details,also the lineart is very impressive!i dont know how you did it!the colors are spectacular!and the backroung...



Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Pansexual Stamp by sunbirds

He/Him/Her/She/They/Them, whatever makes you comfortable!.

I don't know.

Oh I have some little rules here .w.

•No rping smut or gore
•I happily rp with main accounts and well,any account.
•Do go all hater mode on me if I don't like a shipping or a character
•Please don't go crazy with the fangirling mode, I love to spaz out but we all need to have self-control
•If you are roleplaying with OC's tell who they are and what they look like.You can tell me the biography anytime.I understand how long that takes.
•Easy on the hashtagging when talking, I don't usually use them that ften
•You're always welcome to be mah buddy .w.
•If I write typos,don't rub it in my face please.

:heart: Y'ALL NEED TO FOLLOW :icononceanangel: M'KAY??? They are an amazing person!!! GO, GO APPRECIATE THEIR BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK :heart:

I don't know.


Invader Zim stamp by pantheon9000Invader Zim Classic Stamp by Dibsthe1
Wizard Of Rock by SammieSparxxWho put you on the planet? ugh by Fyi-SusSpongebob's Groove by Wynau-ruPatrick:Spongebob by Fyi-Sus
I love MLAATR stamp 1 by teenagerobotfan777

Five Nights At Freddys Fan Button by Mx-Robotnik
TF2 - Dance Fortress 2: Sniper by Stamps-By-MephieDancing Spy by Starry-DawnTF2 - YOUR MOTHER by Stamps-By-Mephie
Minecraft Stamp by qhostySTAMPS- I DENY MYSELF NO LONGER - by kailana-samaArt academy ds stamp by Skitamine
Sonic the Hedgehog Stamp by StampPKU
F.H.f.I.F. by LittleDucklette
Steven Universe by stampsnstuffSteven Universe Stamp by The-Devious-WolfSteven Universe,Stamp by conexionmanga
Stamp Amatista by MiharuyYoiteStamp Greg Universe by SugarBunnyxPinkSteven Universe - Stamp by xXSTEFIXx
Clarence stamp by Fluffydragonpuppy
The Amazing World of Gumball Stamp by The-Devious-Wolf
Pokemon Logo Stamp by JackdawStampsOuran Highschool Host Club Stamp by DogFreak108Clueless Naruto Stamp by rainbowramen321Stamp: Princess Tutu by Kinkan-Town
Ika Musume Stamp by Gora-Tendofruits basket stamp by sixthkidfromthestarzI love Hetalia stamp by FearlessLullabyHetalia dub love stamp by Madninja2500
MLP Stamp by MisgivingsX
Disney:Disney fan stamp by Bea-Gonzalez
Gravity Falls Stamp 2012 by ScittyKittyStar Wars Stamp by ChimeraDragonfang
I don't know.

That is all.
  • Listening to: undertale ost
  • Playing: undertale
  • Eating: chocolate flan
  • Drinking: soda

EDIT: Ijustrealizedhowdumbthatchoicewasnowthati'mplaying

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26Blazingwolf Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the favorite! :3
sesseur Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016
Hey there, you may not know me, I know this is going to be weird, but I remember making a comment to yamsgarden about his or her undertale fan art and he blocked me because I said something about the characters being his or her OC, I hope this isn't troubling you but, can you ask yamsgarden if they're upset with me? I'm confused because I said that they had a good concept going but they had another character from another show and I said it didn't fit.. I'm just like, really? I didn't mean to make them upset or anything, I can understand if they're sensitive, but I wasn't insulting them or anything... I'm amazed, you know?
jadedacatl106 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2016  Student General Artist
sure, just send me a link to them
sesseur Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2016
Thank you very much, I will be honest though, it has been a while and I forget where the picture is at of what it's called since I didn't examine the title, but I think he or she will know who I am if you let them know, I really appreciate it, I know it seems random doing this favor for someone, but I appreciate it, I just afraid I may have hurt their feelings and I want to let them know that it was nothing bad I was trying to say to them, I've got this thing about accidentally offending people and I feel horrible until it's resolved. 
Tenpura-Kuin Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Hello this is Zoe I am currently 16 years of age and have 10 billion accounts.
jadedacatl106 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2015  Student General Artist
My role model has turned into a firkin cabbage.
OnceAnAngel Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
My darling dear! 

Would you be interested in doing an art trade soon? uvu
jadedacatl106 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2015  Student General Artist
Cypate Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2015
Kennedy here
this is my millionth account
kthnxbye luv u
jadedacatl106 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2015  Student General Artist
It's been a long time! I missed ya a ton!
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